What I'm doing now

What am I doing now?

My kids are getting older and making sure I'm available is important to me. Time is flying by and they will be grown up before I know it. With their various activities and interests, it seems I never have a dull moment.

Work is good. I've gotten into a nice groove working on my own. I'm mostly at home these days, but I do work out of a co-working location once or twice a week.

While I sometimes wish I had a personal project I was really inspired by, I have some great client projects in process that are interesting and challenging. I'm really enjoying the work I have with .NET Core and I love working with Visual Studio Code over clunkier IDEs.

As usual, I'm not actively looking for new clients, but if you've got an interesting project and would like to get in touch, click the red email button on the sidebar.

Current as of January 29, 2020