BlogEngine.NET 1.3 has arrived

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It doesn't seem it was that long ago the BlogEngine.NET team was wrapping up release 1.2, but that was back on the last day of September and here we are near the end of December and we're talking about 1.3 already.

belogoAs usual, the team has put in a great effort on this release.  While the feature list seems a little shorter than it has been, there has been a ton of work under the hood to make BlogEngine.NET even better.  Mads has written up a great post detailing the "What's new" in release 1.3.  I recommend reading if you are looking for the full run down.

Here is the quick run down as I see it:

  • Extension Manager - A nice, clean interface to control all these very cool extensions people have been making.  I love this!
  • Extension Expansion - This release gives more events to hook into and more features through existing ones.  It has been really cool to see what people have been coming up with and this should help people do even more.
  • Expanded API - We now enable even more options through our API for programs like Windows Live Writer.  Pages can now be created and edited through WLW.  Categories can be added on the fly along with a few other things I wrote about a few weeks back.
  • Mono Support - BlogEngine.NET now supports Mono right from the download.  I have not tried out this installation personally yet, but I'm hoping to do so before the new year.
  • Improved Importer - Importing blogs is messy work.  We've put together some tools to help make it better.  We support BlogML, RSS, and Atom imports now.  We've done a lot of work cleaning this up and making it better for people looking to switch.
  • Improved User Roles - Editor role is better defined.  If you have multiple users running BlogEngine.NET, this will interest you.

There has never been a better time to check out BlogEngine.NET.  You can download the new version here.

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