It has been a while since I've looked through my iTunes Podcasts and shared what I've been listening to. Here is the current run down:

Must Listen to Group:

Hanselminutes - This is still my favorite and I'll end the gushing there. It is a must listen to every week. Even when the topic is not something I'm excited about, I learn something worthwhile and enjoy the time spent.

APM: Marketplace Takeout (NPR) - Since I spend so little of my time listing to the radio, I miss out on my favorite NPR program. This weekly podcast gives me a few of the highlights from the previous week. (I've consider purchasing the full show through Audible, but I'm not eager to pay when there is so much good free content out there.)

NPR: Technology - Just like the program above, this podcast shares some of the highlights of the week in regards to technology stories.

Key Life - This is a daily Bible teaching program that I've come to appreciate. I used to catch it many years ago on the radio, but it is airs in the afternoon while I'm paid to focus on other things. Finding the podcast has been a treat.

43 Folders: Productive Talk - I've listened to a few of the 43 folders episodes in the past and they just weren't my thing (although I do enjoy the web site.) However, over the past 2 months, there have been 8 Productive talk episodes which are talks with David Allen, author of Getting Things Done. Really good stuff. Sadly, these programs ended with the 11/20 edition, but Merlin mentions there are more in the works. Be sure to find these 8 episodes if you are interested in GTD. I'm gonna stay subscribed to this podcast and give the rest of the content a try again.

The others:

.NET Rocks - Great show. I listen when the topic is of interest.

ESPN PTI - Good sports show. I listen to it when the mood strikes. If it could somehow be more current, I'd likely listen more often. I'm not sure how it could work though. The games/news of Monday is discussed in the live TV show on Tuesday afternoon, I believe. I get it loaded in my iPod Wednesday morning, but it is discussing old sports news in my mind.

Polymorphic Podcast - I really enjoy Craig's show, I've recently missed a few episodes. It has been caught in my recent listening time crunch, so this great show appears here for now. I'm sure I'll catch up soon.

tWiT - This is a streaky one for me. I can miss it for a month and then listen to 3 episodes in a row when the mood hits.

Wild Chronicles - This a video podcast from Nation Geographic. Each week has a new video on a different animal. I almost never watch these even through they are interesting. My kids find it a special treat to be able to watch one with Dad however.