The shirt: Better late than never

-   Nov 18, 2007 -   Personal -  

photo125With many apologies to Eric Sink, I'm finally getting around to paying up for my sourcegear shirt tonight.  Many moons ago, Eric offered sourcegear t-shirts for the simple price of posting a picture wearing the shirt.  I figured it would be easy, but alas, I never got around to holding up my end of the deal.

A recent hard drive crash has me looking at backed up pictures and I noticed a few included me and the shirt.  This jogged my memory and had me search through my file for the note that came with the shirt and the details of my end of the deal.

So here are some pictures with the shirt for your viewing pleasure along with my calves who were born in October.


Note: the pictures aren't likely exactly what Eric and his team were looking for, but they will hopefully give a smile and even us up none the less.  The calves (Flower and Woof) seemed to enjoy tasting the shirt after there evening meal.

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