BlogEngine.NET Webcasts: Initial Setup and SQL Setup

I put together some short webcasts to help people get started using BlogEngine.NET 1.2.  Hopefully, this is just the start of series, but we'll have to see how it goes.  Both webcasts are full screen (1024x768) and available in Flash or Windows Media flavors.

In the first webcast, BlogEngine.NET 1.2 Initial Setup, I walk you through the entire process from finding the download to getting it installed on your web server.  The entire process (and webcast) takes just over 5 minutes (5:20) including download time and listening to me drone on about random bits.

The second webcast, BlogEngine.NET 1.2 SQL Provider Setup, is for those who would prefer to have SQL Server power their blog.  It picks up where the first web cast left off and walks you through setting up a database for BlogEngine and making 2 small changes to get BlogEngine to look to your database for its data.  Webcast running time is under 4 minutes (3:45).

You can watch them live in flash here:

You can download the Windows Media Versions here:

Note: There are some background screen artifacts, but they don't take away from the content.  I'll try to get that straightened out for the next webcasts I do. 

01/04/2008 Update: These screencasts have been updated for the new 1.3 release of BlogEngine.NET.  Please check out the current versions:

Also, you can see all my screencasts (and make sure you are watching the latest versions) using this link to see my posts with screencasts.