Central Penn .NET Code Camp 2009

I had a nice time at the Central Penn .NET Code Camp this past Saturday.  It was my first code camp in Harrisburg, PA and while not as large as the Philly Code Camp I’ve been to a few times, it was a good code camp just the same.  There was a nice mix of sessions and I had a enjoyed getting to chat with fellow developers from the area (and a few from a bit further away.)  I was also shocked to see the swag that was available at this code camp.  It was incredible.  Everyone who stayed the whole day left with at least a t-shirt and a technical book.  My friend Mark scored a ReSharper license and some lucky fella went home with an XBox 360 (whatever that is.)

I gave a talk in the first time slot of the day on the Spark View Engine.  I had not done a talk on Spark before and was very curious to see how it go over.  I didn’t have a huge crowd for the talk but they were a great audience and had lots of good questions and insight.  It was a pleasure to present to them.

In the presentation, I decided to go the route of showing Spark instead of teaching Spark.  I showed a lot of different syntax, discussed spooling, partial files, and ended with an example of using iTextSharp and Spark to produce PDFs.  Hopefully everyone there got a good taste of Spark and will take a moment to download it and give it a try soon.

I promised to put the demo code out on my blog so I’ll include it at the bottom of the post.  It is far from perfect, but it will give you something to play around with.

Anyway, I hope to make it to future Code Camps in Harrisburg.  It was a good time and something local developers should really try to make time for.

Download: CPCC2009-SparkDemo.zip