Customizable BlogEngine.NET Theme: NonZero

I finally finished up my customizable BlogEngine.NET theme.  I started it long ago to see how easy it would be as well as how much you could actually do within a BlogEngine.NET theme without changing the code base.  I ended up taking the theme much further than a theme should go and decided to scale it back to what you see here.

NonZeroVideo A customizable theme to me is a theme that has options to change the look and display without requiring the user to work with the code pages. 

I went ahead and made a screencast to show you how it looks to an administrator and see exactly what is customizable about this theme.  For those unwilling to sit through the 90 seconds or so, here are the items that can be customized in this theme.

  1. Layout: fixed or fluid (fixed to 1024 width or to fill the screen)
  2. Color: 5 color styles to choose from
  3. Columns: 2 or 3 column layout
  4. Open Text section: Just a title and content box that can be filled in with whatever you'd like to see.  (I use it for an "About Me" section on the sidebar.)

I'm excited to see customizable themes like this mixed with the new widget framework in the next version of BlogEngine.NET.  It will make it a snap for people to make their blogs look exactly how they want.  A lot of the features I had added into this theme originally removing items, reordering, etc, is done much better in the the widget framework that Mads Kristensen has started.

That's it.  Go ahead and try it out.  There are likely some issues with it, so if you find any problems, let me know.  (You are welcome to send me the fix as well.)