New addition to the Nyveldt clan

Landon Landon Xavier Nyveldt joined the family this past Friday morning.  We had a scheduled C-section so while he wasn't a surprise, the "he" part was.  (We elected to not know the gender beforehand.)  Landon was born at 10:39am weighing 8 lbs even and measuring in at 19 and 1/2 inches long.

Shelah, Landon, and I spent just over 2 days at the hospital.  It was a time of sleep, rest and more sleep for Shelah and Landon.  Dad got plenty of rest too mixed in with trying to be helpful and catching up on some reading.

IMG_1033Shelah and baby are doing fine and just got home from the hospital yesterday afternoon.  In the evening, the rest of the Nyveldt clan (Betsy - age 5, Jack - age 4, and Bria - age 2) came home and the party has begun.  The kids seem very please with their little brother.

I'll be spending the week at home helping out and enjoying some quality family time.  With Shelah recovering from the operation, I imagine I'll be plenty busy.

I've posted more pictures over on our family web site for friends and family.  The private galleries were these pictures are require a password however.  (Friends/Family who read this and need the password, should email or call me for it.)