RazorPub is live

Back in the beginning of the year, I forked MiniBlog to create a simple Markdown based blog platform called RazorPub. I had expected to clean it up and release it shortly after my last post about it, but got busy with many things.

A few weeks back I had another site I needed to get off the ground and wanted to use RazorPub for it. As I made a new theme for that project, I fixed a few of the issues I knew I needed to deal with and decided to just push RazorPub on Github as it was.

It is not really complete in that there are parts of the MiniBlog code that I haven't touched and likely should be trimmed out, but it is working as I intended. I've really enjoyed using it for a few different projects. You are welcome to use it (and clean it up) as you'd like.

I made a quick walkthough video showing you how it looks and works. If you want to see the file format upclose, you are welcome to take a look at this blog post.

At some point, I will get around to writing more documentation. So far, I've only put together a basic installation writeup. There are tons of little details I could and likely should add over the coming weeks, but really everything you need is there in the site and the code.