Speaking at Philly Code Camp on May 18th

A week from this Saturday, I'll be at the Philly.NET Code Camp 2008.2.  I was at the January Code Camp and had a great time.  There were lots of great people to talk with and interesting sessions that got me thinking about things.

phillydotnet I had met Bill Wolfe, the head of Philly.NET, at MIX08 in March and had offered to be a speaker in the spring Code Camp.  He said to get in touch closer to the camp.  So when the call for speakers went out in early April, I responded.  I was accepted and told a talk on BlogEngine.NET would be great.  I wasn't initially thinking of a BlogEngine.NET talk, but since it is a comfort zone for me I figured it would work out.  There are lots of things I could talk about in relation to BlogEngine.NET so I sent in 3 session summaries and one was chosen.

My topic will be "Learning the ASP.NET Provider model with BlogEngine.NET".  It is a talk that goes into one of the things I really appreciate about BlogEngine.NET.  BlogEngine.NET is an easy to follow, simple project that is great to learn from.  It is a great project to just poke around in the code and see how things work.  Being a relatively small solution with just a web site and a class library project, there isn't much room to get lost.  Also, since there are no 3rd party libraries, you can see how everything works.

My session will get in to the provider model and how BlogEngine.NET uses it.  We'll look at implementing the built in providers like membership and go over making your own implementations of built in providers  Then, we'll spend some time talking about custom providers like the BlogProvider in BlogEngine.NET.  We'll make our own implementation of the BlogProvider as well.  It should be a fun time.

While the talk is very focused on the Provider model, it should be interesting to people curious about BlogEngine.NET as we'll really get into some of the inner workings of how the software works.  Of course, if you are interested in talking BlogEngine.NET or have specific questions, look me up at the Code Camp.  I'd be happy to talk BlogEngine or most any other topic after the session.