SudokuKids+ update is live

icon_largeIt took a while, but I finally completed the update for SudokuKids+ and it hit the app store today!  Be sure to get your update and if you don’t already have the app, you can get it here.

If you are not familiar with SudokuKids and SudokuKids+, these are apps I wrote last year that are simple Sudoku puzzles for kids.  SudokuKids is 4x4 puzzles (numbers 1-4 across, down, and in the box), while SudokuKids+ is 6x6 puzzles.

This update adds some fun, spacey music at the intro as well as nice feedback sounds while you are playing.  Lots of little things were polished up and made nicer as well as the known issues corrected.

I had been hoping to finish these updates near the beginning of February, but I have many projects on the table clamoring for attention.  It did give a lot more time for testing and also adding lots of small touches that overall I’m really happy with.