Talking MonoTouch at Philly Code Camp

I’ll be back at Philly Code Camp on November 17th to do a session on MonoTouch.  The session is called, “Building iOS apps with C# and MonoTouch”.  We’ll be building out a simple Code Camp app with the schedule.  This is a fast paced hour going from File/New to working app, but it will show you how you can leverage your .NET skills to make amazing apps for the iPhone, iPad, and other iOS devices.

The app we will be building is available in the App Store.  It currently defaults to the sessions from the last code camp, but just hit update to get what we know about the current set of sessions.  I have a new version waiting for review with Apple so expect a nice update with the new iOS 6 features, some interface cleanup and new sessions.  You can get it in the App Store now or take a look at what to expect on my company site.

I’m looking forward to the event in a few weeks.  It is “sold out” but there is a waiting list and a few booster (paid) tickets left for the event.  Sign up here if you haven’t already.